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Clubs and Groups

National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS)

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to recognize students for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated personal responsibility, to provide service to the school and community, and to develop leadership skills in elementary school students.

What are the opportunities for students?

Starline's NEHS provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and implementing various service projects that benefit the school and community.

How does NEHS reach out to the school and community?

Starline's NEHS reaches out at the school level by collaborating with other school organizations, such as the PTA, to assess school needs and provide input for selected projects. Student members and faculty advisors brainstorm various community organizations and nonprofits and determine projects that are of high-interest to members, as well as, fulfill a need. Starline's NEHS makes a goal to focus on projects that benefit the younger people of the community.

For more information about NEHS, contact Theresa Nigg and/or Jennifer Bargos.


Patriotic Club

The Patriotic Club is a nonpartisan, after school club that is dedicated to engendering and teaching patriotism to our students. The students gain a firm knowledge of the Founding Fathers, the Preamble, and the Declaration of Independence. For more information about the Patriotic Club, contact Martha Petersen.

Student Council

Starline Student Council allows students to make a difference in their school. This group of conscientious students effectively promotes school improvement by beautifying the school environment, building school spirit, and participating in community projects. Student Council is the voice of the students. For more information about Student Council, contact Taylor Wheeler.

SERVICE with pride . . . LEAD with confidence . . . INSPIRE to impact lives!


Parks and Rec (After School Program)

The Lake Havasu City Department of Parks and Recreation offers an after school program at our school as well as many other events and activities for children and families offered year round.